Glass House

During our recent trip to Boston, we spent some time exploring Cambridge.   We really enjoyed visiting Cambridge as it is characterized by a certain quirkiness.  It has so many different faces and can appeal to such a variety of people.  What attracted us to Cambridge though, was the food, obviously.

One of our favorite restaurants in Cambridge was Glass House, located in Kendall Square.  Now, during our stay in Boston, it was uncharacteristically chilly.   On this day, the clouds rolled in and blanketed the sky with overcast.  Thankfully for us, Glass House was so bright and airy that it didn’t matter what the weather was outside.  As you can probably tell by that name of the place, the building is made mostly of glass, allowing so much natural light to pour through.

Walking in, we couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous, modern decor.  Marble, cement, geometric tiles and copper accents were just a few of the finishes that caught our eye.  Never mind the cute and quirky wall art.

Now in our true style, we went straight for the cocktail menu.  There’s nothing better than unwinding a little and enjoying a drink while perusing the menu.  We got the “Respect your Elder” and the “Cucumber Cutter.”  Both were super delicious, and who can pass up any cocktail made with champagne?!  Not Us!! Cheers to that!

We didn’t have to look at the menu long before knowing exactly what we’d be eating that day.  Being in New England, it was obvious that we’d be going straight for the lobster roll.  We actually made a pact that we would eat as many lobster rolls during our stay as we could (not a difficult challenge to take on). We also went with the chips and dip; which was your standard french onion dip on CRACK <—–that’s a good thing; and some burrata w/tomato, arugula and olive oil for a nice, fresh element.   Everything exceeded our expectations.

Since the weather was so dismal, and it was so bright here, we decided to stay well past our welcome.  The raw bar and the extensive selection of beers on tap were obviously calling to us and we couldn’t pass up a few oysters and a pint of Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier.

In a nutshell, Glass House did more than impress us, they literally made us want to move in and throw a dinner party to show off our eclectic modern vibe and delicious menu items.  Be sure to stop by for lunch, dinner, brunch, a cocktail, anything.