Holiday in Old Quebec City

This holiday season, we decided to vacation to Canada.  We started off in Quebec City and got a really good dose of holiday cheer.  We spent 3 days in Old Quebec, soaking up all that the old city had to offer. Every corner turned was a new opportunity to fall in love with this city.

Now let’s begin by saying that while here, we gained 30 pounds (in layers that is).   But despite the frigid air, it was all worth it.  We spent our days traveling up and down the Funiculaire which transported us to the quaintest streets that we have ever seen, Quarter Petit Champlain.  The streets were decked to the nines in holiday charm.  Every door step, railing, and window was decorated in garland, bows, wreaths, and twinkling lights.

To give us a break from the cold, we spent our time ducking in and out of little shops, cafes, and pubs.    Some of our favorite spots along the way were The Smith Maison for coffee + croissants, Pub L’Oncle Antoine for pints of St.-Ambroise a l’abricot, and Pub Borgia for some of the best French Onion soup we’ve ever had.

We literally could have spent everyday, all day down at Quarter Petit Champlain, but decided instead to venture off for some fun in the snow.  Never in our wildest would we have imagined we would be dog sledding in one of the most wonderful cities, but that’s just what happened.  Not going to lie, cold is an understatement, and we couldn’t feel our toes by the end of the adventure, but we wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.

As if dog sledding wasn’t enough to freeze our buns off, we headed out to the ice hotel, Hotel de Glace. It was amazing to see the architecture and art constructed entirely out of snow and ice. It truly was a work of art. We sipped Amarula martinis out of ice sculpted martini glasses and wandered around the Grand Hall and Chapel in complete awe.

To avoid becoming ice fixtures ourselves, we headed back to town to check out  Chateau Frontanac, a high end historical hotel that offers fine dining and a wine bar: the perfect place to warm up.

After a fun filled couple of days, we packed up our luggage and headed off to Montreal.  Stay tuned for our Montreal post. Until next time, Quebec City!

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