Lambertville Station

This weekend, we had the pleasure of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and heading over to Lambertville.  This quaint little town is located in Hunterdon County, NJ.  Let’s just talk about how absolutely picturesque this place is.  The streets are lined with cute cafes, antique stores, paint galleries, and coffee shops.  Not to mention it is just a short walk over the bridge  from exciting New Hope, PA which is trip all in itself. The combination of these two charming towns, makes this the perfect weekend getaway with your sweetie or a place to gather with new and old friends.

Just steps before the New Hope-Lambertville bridge, you will stumble upon the Lambertville Station & Inn.  Do not miss out on this waterfront restaurant AND hotel!!  We decided to go for it and indulge in both the restaurant and a sleepover at the hotel.  Both excelled expectations.  Let’s see, I guess first we can chat about the restaurant, which is a restored train station (so freaking charming)!  Anyway,the menu is extensive, offering everything from soups, salads, and sandwiches to a wild game menu. That’s right!  A whole menu complete with all game!  So, we went for it:  GAME ON, Lambertville Station!

We decided to have the chef, Chris surprise us with some items off the wild game menu.  First up, the gator spring rolls.  OMG, these spring rolls were so different and were bursting with flavor.  They had just the right amount of spice and an amazingly delicious dipping sauce.  Definitely could have had an entire second order of these but decided to save room for the rest of the game options.

After the gator app, the other items started arriving at our table.  We just loved how Chef Chris used bean sprouts on many of these dishes.  We LOVE bean sprouts.  They make everything look so dainty. These little  mollusks (although not part of the game menu) were cooked PERFECTLY….  seared to perfection (as you can see)!  Glad they came with four to an order because one just isn’t enough. 

Next up was the duck prosciutto.  Yep, I said it…. DUCK PROSCIUTTO!!!   With… drum roll…… truffle honey.   And not to mention that adorable little breadbasket that the chef made. That bread basket was so impressive, I had to include a close up below.  Check.It.Out!

So, by now, you think we’d be starting to fill up.  NOPE, not us…keep it comin’!!  The next app was my absolute favorite, the rabbit sliders. They kind of reminded me of an amped up chicken salad sandwich, but with tons more flavor.  Check out that cute little carrot that Chris dreamed up.  It totally looks like a whole carrot coming up from the ground (perfect for maybe an Easter lunch)

Loved all of the detail and thought put into these dishes.

Last but not least was the ostrich.  I’ve never even thought about eating ostrich before (or gator, or rabbit :-P) but I was glad I did!  It was super savory and deeee-licious!    I guess it is similar to prime beef in taste and texture.  So, there you have it, our GAME NIGHT. Bet you didn’t think a game night would entail rabbit, ostrich, and gator, did ya?