Loosie’s Kitchen

On our recent venture to Brooklyn, NY, we stumbled upon the cutest brunch spot, Loosies Kitchen,  located in the South Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.  If you haven’t noticed by now, Williamsburg has basically transformed into a mini-Manhattan- with a bit more scruff and edge, in our opinion.

Now, be sure not to miss this gem of a spot, as their sign is located on the side of their building as opposed to the front.  You will truly be missing out if you stroll past.

Loosie’s had everything we could hope for, including its mid-century style decor, which is all the rage these days.  When you first walk through the doors, you enter Loosie Rouge, the cutest cocktail bar, with such a cool vibe– couches, one of a kind style rugs, wooden benches to congregate around,  and of course, who wouldn’t stop and do a double take of the fireplace, piled high with wood?!

I mean, the bar area was enough for us to swoon over, but we couldn’t help but wonder where we would be brunching.  I mean, brunch is practically the meaning of life, and while we have zero qualms about propping ourselves up on a bar stool and digging in, we were looking for more of a relaxed, spread our food out all over the table kinda brunch.  Much to our relief, we were given just that!

Through these small, artfully decorated double doors (that I originally took for kitchen doors), we were escorted into a Caribbean paradise (that’s how it felt anyway).  Two dining areas and a patio all existed beyond the tiny bar that we previously thought was the extent of the joint (which would have been enough for us, really).

It was the greatest surprise ever.  Now, it was a sunny day when we popped into Loosie’s, but I have the feeling that the sun is always shining inside here, even on the rainiest of days.  The space is so bright and cheery.  Maybe that’s because of the huge skylight that stretched out across the entire ceiling, drawing in an incredible amount of natural light, or perhaps it was due to the jovial personalities displayed by all of the staff, including our server Ashley and the chef, Oliver.

As you all can probably realize by now, we adored this space.  But what impressed us even more than the fabulous decor, was the food and drinks.  We started out with the “Matcha Patcha,” which was a delicious concoction of gin, a variety of liqueurs, juices and of course matcha tea, and the “Loosies Cup,” made with Pimm’s, a rhubarb syrup, and cucumbers (which doubled as eye pads for me).  Both were fresh and delicious!

For brunch, we ended up with  baked eggs,  shrimp and grits, and a market salad, although everything sounded incredible.  We loved the addition of the meatballs to the baked eggs.  It definitely gave it something extra special.   We were a bit skeptical about ordering the shrimp and grits because of the curry.  Neither of us have ever been into curry, but we said, what the hell, and went for it anyway.  And we were glad we did.  All of the spices were spot on, and we didn’t get that overwhelming curry flavor that you get with many dishes made with it.  The grits were like a gift from heaven, and the shrimp were cooked to perfection.  And just like that, new brunch items were added to our list of favorites.

This perfect brunch was finished with the perfect dessert, Nutella beignets.  They were unlike any beignets we have ever had before, perfectly fried, filled with ooey gooey nutella, and finished with just enough powdered sugar.

So, if you are ever bouncing around Brooklyn, for the weekend, the day, or even an hour, be sure to add Loosies into your itinerary.  You will NOT be disappointed!