New Years in Montreal – Part I

The second part of our Canada holiday getaway was spent in beautiful Montreal.  This city was just as magical as Quebec City.  It was the perfect balance of quaint and trendy.

After our 3 hour trek from Quebec City, we arrived and checked into the Saint Sulpice Hotel. We loved the entry way to this hotel.  It was decked out in holiday garland, which allowed us to continue to soak up the nostalgia of the Christmas season.

On our first night, we walked the cobblestone streets, around the corner and landed at one of the coziest restaurants, L’auberge Saint Gabriel.  The cuisine here, like many of the Montreal restaurants was French.  We started off with a delicious charcuterie for the table.  Some of the other dished ordered were the mushroom risotto, which was so velvety and delicious, and the roasted chicken, which was classic and rustic.  The decor in the restaurant was completely cozy, with stone walls, old chandeliers, and corners lit by candlelight.

The next day, we ventured out to brunch.  We called for an Uber, and 10 minutes later were dropped off at the cutest brunch spot, Foiegwa– located in St-Henri.  Right off the bat, we were smitten with the decor.  It kind of reminded us of an old school diner, from the 50’s.  The first thing we noticed were the white tiled walls, which were donned in the coolest sketches of Montrealers.  We opted for a bottle of champagne and a carafe of fresh squeezed juice, probably the most delicious eggs benny that we’ve ever had, and the Tartlette Chaude de Ratatouille- which included an impresive puff pastry basked, filled with ratatouille.

Later that night, being New Years Eve and all, we did it up big and headed over to the Ritz-Carlton to have a fancy dinner at Maison Boulud.  We went with the prix fixe menu that served up some of the most inventive and delicious plates.  Amongst them were eel foiegras, John Dory, and a bunch of other delicious plates that I probably couldn’t spell or pronounce, but also can’t remember.  Bottom line, it was the perfect New Years Eve dinner.

After dinner, we grabbed some bottles of Veuve Cliquot in the Dom Perignon Champagne Bar located in the world famous Palm Court. We sat on plush velvet sofas, warmed by a fireplace, enjoyed good company and toasted to the New Year. What better way to welcome 2018.

Stay tuned for Part II of our trip to Montreal.