New Years in Montreal- Part II

It’s fun to think that we spent 2 years in Montreal- even though we were only there for a few short days.  In the New Year, we bounced around Montreal, soaking in what little time we had left of our trip.

We wandered up and down quaint Montreal streets and stumbled upon a New Years festival.  Here, vendors line up in Old Montreal, allowing tourists to experience some of the local specialties  We spent the afternoon sampling pulled maple syrup on a stick, sipping  Boreale beer from beer huts, listening to music and warming our tushes on firepits.  

In true Montreal fashion, we had to dig into some Poutine.  Poutine is a dish that originated in Canada. It’s made up of French fries and cheese curds, and is topped with brown gravy. I know, I’m drooling too. Luckily for us, one of the best spots around, Montreal Poutine, happened to be a quick walk from our hotel.  While there, 1 order wasn’t enough so we ended with 4 different varieties and a couple pitchers of beers and killed some time.

To give us a break from the chilly winter air, we ducked into a nearby cafe, Le Petit Dep!  We needed a little pick me up, so we nestled into a cozy window seat and decided upon the most delicious Golden Milk Latte along with a cappuccino.  We were so thrilled that we stumbled upon this little gem.   This rustic Depanneur had a full service cafe, artisanal food products, cute cards and gifts and the most adorable seating areas.  

 On the morning of our departure, we ran over to Tommy Cafe and Apero to grab a quick bite. This quaint bi-level coffee shop was lavishly styled. Located in Old Montreal’s Empire building, the ceilings are dripping with lush hanging greenery. With all the natural light coming in from the windows, it felt refreshing and upbeat. . The decor was a perfect blend of mid century modern and Victorian. We grabbed  tea and cappuccino, some avocado toast and ricotta toast and headed upstairs to relax.

This city made us fall in love with Canada all over again.  It was the perfect ending to our winter escape.  We can’t wait to go back in the warmer weather and experience a different side of Canada.

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