One of our favorite neighborhoods in Boston is the South End.  Not only is it full of history and super diverse, but it is completely stylish, and in our opinion, FETCH (as Gretchen would say in Mean Girls).

During a night out, we popped into Publico for dinner.  After entering, It came as no surprise to us that this restaurant was located in this stylish and unique neighborhood.

As we all may be understanding by now, we are super into the mid-century vibe.  And Publico served us up just that.  The place was full of lush greenery, school house chairs, and these super heavy duty cement Eiffel chairs (trust us- we tried to lift them).  The subway tiles, awesome wall art, and the geometric tiles really helped to bring that mid-century feel to life.

The super cool vibe transcended into their outdoor space, which unfortunately was not open during our chilly visit.  We will have to make a trip back in during the warmer months to take advantage of that.

It was a long day spent in town, shopping and sightseeing, so a drink was definitely in order.  All of their drinks sounded so eclectic and yummy.  If we could’ve had one of each, we would have…but we went for the Market Day and Good Wings.  The Market Day combined my favorite liquor (gin) with my favorite fruit (pear), so it was a no brainer for me.  As for the Good Wings, we love any cocktails that are made  with some bubbly. Both were fantastic.

We worked up quite the appetite throughout the day, and couldn’t wait to dive into Publico’s menu.  The international menu really intrigued us.  Since we wanted to try a variety of things, we decided to go with a few items off the “smallish” section of the menu instead of each ordering a larger entree.  We wound up with braised escarole, steamed mussels, and papitas criollas.  Everything was delicious.

All in all, Publico really hit the nail on the head.  The amazing atmosphere and equally amazing drinks and food have had us dreaming about this place since we left.