Simple Brunch

As most may be coming to realize, us girls just LOVE brunch.  Everything about it. Most Sundays are spent brunching, either at home, out around home, or in the city (NYC :-D).  Some of our favorite brunch items include eggs benedict, duck confit with poached eggs, and Huevos Rancheros.

While all that is super delicious and mostly always welcome, sometimes we just like to keep it straight up simple.  No cooking, no baking, no train rides, car rides, etc.  For brunches like these, two of our go to items are croissants & grapefruit.

These ALMOND croissants were SUPER delicious.  We picked them up at Whole Foods and they certainly did not disappoint.  The outsides were perfectly flaky… and the inside…. OMG…. the almond flavor just took over.  I tried to savor it… but who can help themselves with such deliciousness, right?

The grapefruits we kept simple and organic.  Just cut in half, sprinkled with some raw coconut flakes (also from Whole Foods).

Needless to say, although simple, was a fantastic brunch.  Oh, and Veuve made an appearance too, obviously!  😛