Sunday In Brooklyn

Brunch 7 days a week? Yes, please!!  That’s the concept behind Williamsburg’s Sunday In Brooklyn!  We all know how precious our Sundays are… but what about those who work Sundays and are unable to experience the treat that IS brunch!?  Sunday In Brooklyn has certainly got you covered in that department.  What an incredibly brilliant concept.

Imagine being able to indulge in bacon and eggs and pancakes whenever your little heart desired? Now, us brunch enthusiasts have been eyeing this place down for quite some time, and were super thrilled that we were finally able to make it into Brooklyn to give SIB a whirl.

Everything about this space is aesthetically pleasing.  Approaching, we were greeted by the site of a beautiful, rustic brick exterior.  The interior was super airy and welcoming, honing plants, marble tables, and the perfect amount of natural sunlight.  Definitely an Instagram worthy spot!

I know we are creatures of habit, so it is of course,  no surprise that we came for brunch.  Lets talk drinks (one of, if not the most important aspect of brunch).   We didn’t have to peruse the menu long before selecting the most perfect brunch cocktail… Champagne Problems.  Now, I don’t know what champagne and problems have in common but DELICIOUS is an understatement.  Take your classic glass of bubbly, and amp it up with muddled fruit and mint, and stack it  with crushed ice and you’ve got a serious problem on your hands. One is definitely not enough (ohhh, that’s what champagne and problems have in common).

We could have quite possibly sat and made an afternoon out of these champagne cocktails, and re-purposed  the garnishes as our meal, but the menu was way too inviting.  We started out with the charred avocado toast, topped with wheat grass, preserved tomatoes, and pickled onions.  It was perfectly light and fresh with just the right amount of acidity and char.

It was super difficult selecting what to have next, considering every single ethereal plate that passed by.  But in the end, we sprang for the biscuits and sausage gravy topped with poached eggs,  and the grain bowl with toasted barley,  kale and avocado for good balance.

So, if Sunday brunch is your thing,  and you’re on a mission for the perfect brunch on a day that ends in  “y”,  pop on over to Sunday In Brooklyn.