The Inn @ Lambertville Station

To top off an amazing day in Lambertville , sampling all sorts of dishes off the wild game menu, we enjoyed a relaxing night in the bridal suite at this amazing hotel, located adjacent to the restaurant.  Let us tell you, the views from this room were insane!!!  The floor to ceiling windows allowed us to see right over the New Hope-Lambertville bridge into New Hope, PA.  And when it was time for bed, with one push of a button, the shades were drawn.  (think The Holiday- the scene where Kate Winslet discovers this feature in Cameron Diaz’s LA mansion).  Add in an amazing fireplace (also remote controlled)– and an amazing chandelier hanging over the [comfy] bed, and this room is fit for a queen (or king).

It was definitely hard to get up from such an amazing slumber, but of course, brunch was calling.  We started with some coffee and croissants delivered bedside.  It was the perfect brunch before brunch!!

After our pre-brunch brunch, it was time to get ready.  The bathroom in this place is ginormous.  The shower area may as well have its own zipcode.  Truly any woman’s dream bathroom.  There are double shower heads as well as a sprinkle shower coming down from the ceiling.  But the main attraction for me of course, the bathtub!!!  So, I threw in some bubbles, popped the bubbly, and enjoyed the view from the window.

After sprucing up a bit, we headed to the brunch buffet.  Now, we usually aren’t fans of buffets, but this buffet…. THIS BUFFET…. was the definite exception.  The food was so high quality and there was so much to choose from.  We opted for some Belgium waffles, one topped with a berry coulis, one with walnuts and honey.   We also got eggs bennie, potato skins stuffed with eggs and alllll the delicious accouterments that you can think of and thin sliced prime rib with a horseradish cream sauce.