Twins Guide to MTK: Part II

Day two in Montauk was bright and Sunny, so we were all about taking advantage of the weather and hanging outside.  We ventured out around lunchtime to Navy Beach.  The vibe here is casual & coastal yet sophisticated.  With porthole windows and nautical decor, this place felt like the inside of a ship. The best part about Navy Beach is that it is situated on a 200 foot private beach.

After sipping on a few rose sangrias while watching the yachts go by, we grabbed some lunch.  The menu at Navy Beach is really casual/coastal, offering things such as mussels, salads, and a variety of other seafood options.  We went for the grilled artichoke, which was our favorite part of the meal.  We also got the lobster and clam bake.  It was the perfect accompaniment to our cocktails and our surroundings.

After lunch, we took a ride out to East Hampton to Bhumi Farms.  Unfortunately for us, the were closed (BUMMER)- but the farm stand was so adorable, we couldn’t help snapping a pic of it.  The next day, they set up a stand at the Farmers Market in the center of Montauk, so it gave us an opportunity to pick up some of their fresh produce.

After roaming around at the Farmer’s Market, and relaxing a bit, we headed off to an early dinner at Ruschmeyer’s.

Ruschmeyer’s gives off a stylish/cabin feel.  The inside totally reminded us of eating in the mess hall at camp, except with a so much more grown-up and contemporary feel.  The menu options all sounded delicious, but in the end, we wound up with the clam pizza, mini lobster rolls, and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to wash it all down.

After dinner, we headed out back, and quickly realized that this is truly the spot to relive your childhood.  A playground for adults if you will.  The back was encircled by cedar cabins, picnic tables, hammocks, life sized Jenga, Connect Four, and a variety of other throw back games.

Day 2 in Montauk was a gorgeous and sunny one, filled with delicious food and drinks.  So, to make sure we were on our A game for our final day in Montauk, we headed back to The Surf Lodge, grabbed a quick night cap, and called it a night.

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